If you’re interested in sound engineering, videotaping, video editing and more, look no further you will find it here! The A/V ministries purpose is to help spread the Gospel through various forms of available media. Church worship services and special events are recorded onto DVD and audio CDs, are available on VHS or audio tape. and are available for purchase at a nominal fee.  This ministry consists of many components, which include: Sound engineering, videotaping, video editing, DVD and hard disk recording, marketing and advertisement among many others.


Through hospital or home visits, grief healing, nursing and other mediums, this ministry supports those who are in need of care both physically and emotionally. 

This ministry represents three areas:

  1. Hospital Ministry – The hospital ministry is commissioned by Jesus Christ in His admonition to visit the sick and shut in.  We perceive our mission as comforting those that are hospitalized and also offering prayers for their quick recovery.  Members are trained by the hospital and after completion of training are given a    hospital photo identification enabling them to administer to patients.
  2. Home Visitation – Once a month a team of Parishioners visits with the sick, elderly and /or housebound.
  3. Grief Healing Group - This group is for the bereaved.  We meet as the needs arise.  Grief is a journey and requires work; we help each other to get through this journey.

The name; means found of good works and alms deeds. The life of Dorcas, her given name was Tabitha, found in Acts 9:36 is an inspiration for this kind of effort. Her works for the Lord was for the poor, sick and needy, and she blessed people with her kindness, compassion and love.  We are a committee that follows in the footsteps of Tabitha and we care for the poor, sick and needy.

We see our primary role in the church as supporting the health needs of our parishioners and we do this by providing health information and offering proper medical advice when advisable. We minister emergency first aid when necessary, during worship, until medical authorities arrive.

S.O.S. is a creative and innovative program that provides support and encouragement to children (ages 6-13) with special needs and their parents as well.  We cover Oppositional Defiance Disorders, Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  Activites include: Socialization Skills, Playtime, Arts and Crafts, Snacks, Clean Up Time, Free Play and Trips.  There are no fees for this program.  Learn More…


Get Off Drugs is a group that meets as a means of support to those struggling with addictions, those who have been on drugs and God has delivered them and for those who have loved ones, friends, or associates on drugs.  We meet to pray ans share our experiences, encourage or just be a listener.  Meetings are on 2nd Sundays in the Mother Rawlins Hall, following the 11:30 am Worship Service

Couples - We encourage couples to work and pray together to foster a stronger relationship. We schedule several events during the year to build better relationships and strengthen these bonds.

Foreign Missions - For those who are committed to serve, support, preach, teach and promulgate the word of God on the foreign field. Foreign Missions crusades have included Jamaica, West Indies, Madras & Ooty India, Israel, Cuba, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya and the Philippines. 

Men - All brothers who regularly worship at Grace are invited to participate in our male centered activities.  From Boy Scouts to our Men’s Advance, you will find ways to strengthen your relationship with brotherly support. 

Music/Arts - Have you been blessed with creative talents?  Find ways to share your gifts through one or more of our many programs for the Performing Arts. 

Outreach - If you’d like to further the vision of being disciples to all men, look no further.

Singles - This ministry is to encourage our unmarried people to stay saved and become involved in positive activities.  We believe that putting God first in all things He will provide our every need. 

Women - Every woman from ages 1 to 101 is a member of our council. We are the supporting arms for all other women ministries in Grace Cathedral. 

Youth - We aim to keep our young people occupied with good, healthy, constructive activities that will keep them covered under the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.