The members of the Grace Cathedral Deacon’s Board are a select body of brothers and sisters called to a life of joy in service in the House of the Lord.The Holy Bible is our source of authority on the Christian life and the work of a deacon. Through Christ, we are chosen and appointed to serve with our Bishop and Pastor in the ministries of the church and to serve members in need.

We recognize God’s commandment to go out into the entire world and spread the Word. Although all missionaries cannot go out to the foreign field, we can all be missionaries wherever we are.  We conduct Missionary Worship weekly because we believe in the importance of this commission.

The Mother board is a strong, vital part of Grace Cathedral ministry and we are to be trust-worthy in serving under the leadership of Bishop and Pastor. We are the eyes and ears in many areas for we are appointed by Bishop and Pastor to uphold the vision of the church and it’s teaching.

This committee is responsible for the comfort and well being of the Bishop and Pastor.In looking after their general welfare, we focus on significant occasions and dates in their lives.

The scholarship committee was created to promote academic excellence within Grace Cathedral and this committee is open to members who would like to participate in this endeavor. We sponsor church services to raise scholarship proceeds for members who will graduate from high school, middle school, and elementary school.

This team is a highly dedicated group of members who know and understands the vision of this church.  While we trust fully and completely in God and His concerns for us, we understand that we must be vigilant at all times and watch for the security of our premises and membership

Our work begins and continues throughout the entire worship experience. Often we are the very first church members that visitor see when they come to the House of God. We welcome the opportunity to give them the first spiritual touch as they enter the House. We stand ready to greet each and every one with a smile and holy handshake.

The main purpose of our Van ministry is to be a blessing by providing transportation to those parishioners who don’t have any means of getting to the House of the Lord. Our scheduled transportation days are Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday.