Valerie Boyd




11:30 AM

Her voice is deeply rooted in the church and for more then 30 yrs she has been singing gospel. She springs from a family planted in the gospel culture of her native North Carolina. She First raised Her Voice to sing publicly at the age of four in the church where her grandfather was pastor.

Today She riffs,scats and proves in an industry where R&B and rap gets the most attention that gospel music has a real place. But as one of gospels reigning vocalist, Valerie does more then keep tradition alive. She has recreated herself to fit the musical taste of this period, yet her talent is timeless. She can hit and hold the high notes, belt out the low ones, and perform with the dazzling energy of a vigorous teenager.

Ms. Boyd is perhaps best known and most noted for simply remaining down home, genuine and anointed. But it is her sheer talent and endurance that exalts her to the status of legend. She is a rarity that has it all; perform,arrange,write,play,teach and influence. Consider the timeline of her career rise. A serious singer by the age of 16, she had performed with the New York City Family Choir. As a featured soloist she recorded two albums with the choir in the mid 80′s. Her album “Interpretations” really captured people’s attention. Today Valerie Boyd Is signed to and managed by Shekinah International Inc. in New York where her husband John H Boyd II is the chief executive officer.

Not only is Valerie Boyd a anointed vocalist, she is a ordained Evangelist who is active in her church, New Greater Bethel Ministries. Her ministry is to touch, to encourage and bring hope through the gospel of Jesus Christ. She sings to people who think they are at their lowest and her music lifts their souls. For many Years She has raised her voice in righteous harmony to compel and challenge us with songs faith, hope, and love. In the gospel making world of the new millennium Valerie Boyd will be a standout .